Booking Terms & Conditions


For the Provision of Language Service Professionals (LSPs) by Access 2 Interpreting.

All details will be kept private in line with the latest legislation as set down in England and Wales. For more information please go to our privacy policy.

Please note that to make a booking you must be aged 18 years or over.

“Client” refers means the person/organisation requesting the LSP and is liable for payment.

“LSP” refers to the Language Service Professional.

The type of LSP appropriate for the client, will depend on the specific communication requirements and language preference. A definition of the different LSPs are listed on our website.

  1. Booking Procedure and Confirmation

When requesting a booking or making an enquiry, please add as much detail as possible with regards to the session so Access 2 Interpreting can advise the client on the best options. Once a completed request form has been received, Access 2 Interpreting will contact the client with details of the fees. As soon as the client has confirmed acceptance of the fees, contact will be made with LSPs to check their availability. When an appropriate LSP has been identified and has accepted the booking, Access 2 Interpreting will send a booking confirmation to the client and the Terms and Conditions will then apply (including cancellation charges – see below).

  1. Preparation

To ensure that the interpreter is able to prepare effectively, the client must provide any additional information at least 5 working days in advance of the assignment taking place. This may include any written materials that will be used. The LSP will endeavour to arrive 15 minutes before the booked time. It would be beneficial for all parties to meet up at this time in order to prepare for the session.

  1. Fees

The fee will be agreed at the time of booking. British Sign Language Interpreters, Relay Interpreters and Lipspeakers are normally charged for an initial three hours minimum and then charged for every hour, or part of, afterwards plus travel expenses. Speech to Text Reporters and Electronic Notetakers normally charge a rate per session, either half or full day, plus travel.

Travel expenses will be charged in addition to interpreting fees as follows:

Mileage 45p per mile.

Train fare will only be at standard class.

Car parking to be charged at actual cost.

Taxis and air fare only charged after prior agreement with all parties.


  1. Co-Interpreters

Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary for more than one interpreter to be booked for the session. This may include the length of the booking or the situation (court, social services meeting). Access 2 Interpreting will discuss this at the time of the booking and will agree with the client the best form of action.

Due to the level of concentration required to fulfil the role, LSPs may need regular breaks every 20-30 minutes.

The LSP must be given at least a 30 minute break every 4 hours where they do not need to interpret.


  1. Cancellations

After the booking has been confirmed, the following cancellation charges will apply:

  • Within 7 calendar days or less of the booking the full amount is payable.
  • Cancellations within 8-14 calendar days 50% of the fee is payable.

If the LSP is delayed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, they will not be liable for the fee and the client will need to rebook if necessary.

Access 2 Interpreting reserve the right to cancel the booking and/or withdraw the LSP without refund if the booking differs from what was agreed in the initial booking agreement or if the LSP is not sufficient for the booked session due to omissions from the client in the original booking. However, if notice is given, Access 2 Interpreters will always try to accommodate changes if possible.


  1. General Conduct

All LSPs provided by Access 2 Interpreting are registered with the National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind people (NRCPD) and/or Association of Notetaking Professionals (ANP) and will follow the code of conducts of the relevant association.

If the client needs the LSP to adhere to certain policies for their organisation (non-disclosure/ privacy etc) this must be agreed with the LSP at least 5 days prior to the booking.


  1. Non-Solicitation

The client must not contact any LSP supplied by Access 2 Interpreting to work on a freelance basis for a minimum of 12 months after the last booking made through Access 2 Interpreting.


  1. Failure to attend

If the client fails to attend, the LSP will wait at the booked site for 30-40 minutes after the agreed time before leaving. The client will be responsible for full payment as agreed in the initial booking.

If the LSP fails to attend, the client must inform Access 2 Interpreting within 30 minutes of the agreed start time.


  1. Payment of Invoices

All assignments will be invoiced within 14 days of each booked session being completed. Payment must be made within 28 days of the invoice date. Any invoices not paid within 28 days, a new invoice will be raised an additional 10% charge added every 7 calendar days for administration costs and time.


  1. Complaints Procedure

If the client wishes to make a complaint regarding the service they have received through a booking with Access 2 Interpreting, this must be done in writing to

within 14 days of the incident. Access 2 Interpreting will investigate the incident and update the client within 28 days of the outcome or status of the investigation.


  1. Retention of Information.

All information regarding bookings or enquiries will be deleted 6 months after the session has finished in line with GDPR regulations.


  1. Liability.

Access 2 Interpreting’s liability will be limited to the value of the booking. Access 2 Interpreting will not be liable for any loss to either the client or the LSP however this occurs.